student supervision

I am keen to hear from potential graduate students who want to partake in exciting soil or Antarctic environmental science-related research projects. Please contact me with inquiries. I am particularly keen to hear from students with a strong soil chemistry or soil physics background, with an interest in environmental impact assessment, conservation, soil contaminants or environmental protection of sensitive environments. However, please take note that funding postgraduate students in New Zealand is hard with limited funding opportunities. There are University of Waikato postgraduate scholarships available (more details here) but these are extremely competitive, especially for international students (where straight A grades are usually required).

current graduate students

olivia adamson

MSc student 

“The role of native plantings to mitigate freshwater contamination at Lake Waikare near Huntly in the Waikato region of New Zealand”

wayne hofmanN

MSc student 

“Pasture and irrigation modelling for improved productive and environmental outcomes”

Past graduate students

Emily McKay


“The effects of varying intensity cultivation on soil quality in a maize cropping system”

Annette Carshalton


“Spatial and temporal changes in soil climate and active layer depth in the Ross Sea Region, Antarctica, 1999-2018”

olivia petrie


“Temperature and moisture sensitivity of soil microbial respiration in adjacent irrigated and non-irrigated soils”

Olivia’s MSc research cake

jamie millar

MSc-2018 (co-supervisor) 

“The effects of irrigation on soil carbon and nitrogen stocks of pumice soils”

jasmine robinson

MSc-2016 (co-supervisor) 

“Temperature sensitivity of soil respiration”

Undergraduate and graduate
research projects

  • Charlotte Ferrier-Kerr (2020).  The efficiency of different functional materials in adsorbing nitrate (NO3) from contaminated water solutions (SCIEN303 co-supervised with Dorisel Torres-Rojas).
  • Iris Ronald (2020). The effect of cultivation intensity on soil microbial respiration (SCIEN303).
  • Joshua Hughes (2019). Evaluating the Arable Mark version 1 pasture probe (SCIE371-19C work placement with Grant Anderson, LIC).
  • Sultana Shah (2019). Nitrogen leaching and greenhouse gas emissions from intensively grazed pastures in the Waikato region, New Zealand (SCIEN589).
  • Renata Sawyer (2019).  The effect of kiwifruit copper sprays on soil microbial respiration in two contrasting allophanic and gley soils, Waikato region, New Zealand (SCIEN303).
  • Liam Crockett-Swanson (2019). Winter cover crops to reduce herbacide inputs and maintain maize yields.  SCIEN271_18C science work placement with AgResearch.